Wizard 2.0

Wizard 2.0

I have a newer version of my wizard controll. The new version is more stable and looks better.

Here is a screen shot:

The new wizard uses the MudBlazor timeline control to denote the user’s current position, within the wizard. The timeline control is much better looking than the chips I was using, before. As always, practically every aspect of the wizard has properties that allow for customizing the overall look and feel.

I also have a sample project with a page just for demonstrating the wizard control. That page looks like this:

Just like my previous wizard control’s sample app, this one contains a list of properties for the wizard, with the ability to play with the settings and see the results in real time.

The previous control package has been deprecated. The associated github project has been archived. The reason for that is, I have several other controls that I want to group together, in a single assembly. The wizard control is one of those. The name CG.Blazor makes more sense for that purpose than the previous name, CG.Blazor.Wizard.

This new wizard control is part of the CG.Blazor NUGET package. The package can be found HERE. The source code is available HERE.

Photo by Dmitry Vechorko on Unsplash